About the Conference

Fostering Hope is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit on a mission to build stronger foster, adoptive, and kinship families through our transformative programs, unwavering support, and community-driven initiatives. Our hearts beat for the children who need hope, the families who open their hearts, and the community that stands by their side. Our core belief is that every child deserves a safe, nurturing environment to flourish, and every family should have the tools to provide that love. We're driven by the understanding that the journey of foster care is both rewarding and challenging, and we're here to pave the way with compassion, knowledge, and empowerment. Nearly half of foster parents quit within the first year, primarily due to a lack of support and feelings of isolation. This is where we step in. We exist because children in foster care deserve better, and families stepping up to care for them need a strong foundation of understanding, resources, and community. 

History of A Future & A Hope

The start of A Future & A Hope conference can be traced back to the passionate efforts of the founder, Julie Kouri. For over a decade, Julie dedicated herself to leading and supporting foster and adoptive ministries across Central Texas. Recognizing the need for comprehensive support for prospective foster and adoptive families, she co-founded the conference in 2006. 

Initially conceived as an annual event, the conference aimed not only to guide families through the foster and adoption process but also to provide crucial support for parenting children with severe trauma. Julie, having become an approved Educator in Trust Based Relational Intervention® and an Empowered to Connect Trainer, envisioned a space where parents and church leaders could access the resources and training necessary to become trauma-informed foster and adoptive parents. 

Evolution into Fostering Hope: The community that sprouted from the conference's initiatives eventually evolved into the non-profit organization known as Fostering Hope. This organization, now connected to over 30 churches in Central Texas, has become a vital resource hub for those navigating the complexities of foster care, adoption, and kinship care. 

The A Future & A Hope Conference has become a cornerstone of the Austin community, making a significant impact for many years. The transformative event is designed to encourage and inspire foster, adoptive, and kinship families. Moreover, it serves as a beacon for those considering involvement in the child welfare space, providing clarity and a sense of purpose.